The masked gunman who shot up a crowded [location], killing [number] people and himself, was identified by authorities as [city] resident [first, middle, last].

Witnesses stated that the gunman was wearing body armor and carrying an assault rifle – the police have not released the model of the weapon yet.  [city] County Sheriff [name] said the shooter didn’t appear to be targeting anyone in particular when he entered the [location] and fired as many as [number] shots.  

"Every indication we have is that he acted solely on his own in carrying out this heinous, horrible crime," the sheriff said.

He said the death toll would have been higher had the shooter’s gun not jammed and law enforcement not responded within minutes of the first shot. Still, the sheriff called the shooting a “heartbreaking tragedy by any standard.”

This morning, state Senator [name] proposed legislation to ban the sale of [type of gun, bullets], while critics argue that new laws would provide little protection against unhinged individuals.

The dead were identified as [multiple names, only listed at the very end].

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